Copper Vs Aluminum Gutters

In planning for gutter installation for your home or business property, there are several factors to consider. The material that is used for your project can be either a standard aluminum product, or you might be weighing an option of something which will be more of an investment. If you want to increase your building’s value, upgrading to copper might be a great decision.

There are aluminum gutter advantages, and copper gutter advantages, and knowing more about how they compare will guide you to make the decision that is best for your particular needs. In a copper vs aluminum gutters comparison, several important factors need to be considered. Both of these types of products have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of them.

Affordability and Cost

There are copper gutter advantages which justify paying more. Copper is not only valued for its superior durability, but for its unique capacity to add appeal to the building’s design. Gutter appearance is enhanced, and your project becomes a beautification project, as well. Copper gutter disadvantages, however, include the increased cost of copper products. Copper gutter affordability may not be such an issue, however, when you know your property has increased in value because you installed copper guttering.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive, when considering gutter affordability. It is practical and widely available. Because aluminum gutter durability cannot match that of copper, however, you may find that repair or replacement is soon necessary and unexpected. Aluminum dents, tears and develops holes fairly easily. Copper gutter durability exceeds that of aluminum because it is heavier. This somewhat modifies the copper gutter affordability picture, and should be taken into consideration.

Handling and Installation

Gutter installation for both aluminum and copper are similar. Copper may require more reinforcement in installing it, due to its heavier weight. The cost of gutter installation may vary, also, as copper does not cut as easily as aluminum for tight areas, or if modification is necessary.

Aluminum is easy to cut and mold, and installation can typically be done with gutter nails and clamps. Copper also requires some special handling, in order to avoid discoloration of the metal. This added time for both cutting and handling may increase the bottom line significantly.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and maintenance will vary a bit, as one of the aluminum gutter disadvantages is that it also will rust, perhaps needing occasional painting or touchups. Copper, on the other hand, develops a patina on the metal, which protects and beautifies. It rarely needs attention. Copper gutter durability both in function and appearance is therefore superior.

Aluminum gutter disadvantages also may include high wind problems, due to its lighter weight and less secure fasteners. Copper gutter cleaning and maintenance, though, requires wearing gloves and using special tools designed for cleaning copper, to avoid damage.

Copper Gutters or Aluminum Gutters?

In weighing the pros and cons of copper vs aluminum gutters, the questions are clear. Do the copper gutter advantages overshadow the aluminum gutter advantages? Similarly, do the copper gutter disadvantages of price consideration pose an issue for upfront cost? If gutter appearance, also, isn’t high on your priority list, then aluminum might be the right product for you. If aluminum gutter durability is a concern however, perhaps you need copper.