Copper Guttering

When homeowners consider what upgrades will increase the selling price of their home, more attention should be placed on copper gutters and downspouts. Why? Because installing copper gutter systems more than pay for themselves in cost per foot over other types, when selling.

With a choice of grey or natural copper gutters, the copper gutter colors can better match exterior presentations. The consideration for new gutters is always an upgrade, so why not invest a bit more in copper rain gutters and accessories?

Pricing and Cost

Copper gutters cost per foot will run a bit more than other types of materials. How much, will depend on several factors. This includes the shape being chosen, whether a half round copper gutter seems more attractive, or K-style copper gutters.

Length of the area to be covered, extra required parts necessary for unique applications, and size of the parts, all contribute to the final gutter installation cost.


Copper gutter installation should be done by a professional. Specialized knowledge of soldering copper gutters, handling of new gutters, and special parts required, should not be left to someone who does not have experience in this particular material. Copper gutter installation cost, as mentioned, can vary, depending on the parts required.

This can involve a large residence or commercial building, or extra drainage may be needed to adequately divert the water flow down the copper rain gutters and away from the building or other moisture-sensitive areas. All work is custom designed to best handle water runoff and debris.

A large installation area may require extra hidden hangers, specialized mitering, extra copper downspouts, or strainers, to keep debris from collecting. Specialized knowledge of soldering copper gutter is also required.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning copper gutters can be minimized, if strainers are installed to keep debris out of the copper gutters and downspouts. Additionally, gutter guards can be installed, which all but eliminate the need for gutter cleaning services. They are available in copper, also, and are beautiful, as well as effective, for both the half round copper gutters and the K-style copper gutters.

Professional Cleaning

Just as for the recommendation for professional installation of copper gutters, cleaning copper gutters requires the person to wear gloves, as oil from the hands can cause discoloration of the metal. Soft plastic scoops must be used, as metal tools can scratch the copper gutter systems. For this reason, professional gutter cleaning services may be a better choice, in order to avoid damage.

Polishing and Coating

Periodically, polishing copper guttering may be desired, to maintain the stunning and classic visual appeal. A homemade polish consists of 2 cups each of salt, vinegar and flour. It is put on, left to sit for a short time, and taken off again. This will ensure that your copper guttering is always a main attraction on the exterior of your home. There are also coatings that can be applied, to help maintain a newer look

Patina Effect

Left alone, copper gutter colors will change over time, as the metal develops a patina, an oxide that builds up to provide protection to the metal. These can be observed on many historically significant buildings throughout Europe and the U.S.

Comparison Between Copper Gutters and Other Types

No other type of guttering systems can deliver the level of unique and stunning appearance of polished copper. Consider this upgrade as an investment of a quality feature in any home or commercial building. It can positively impact the potential buyer, and lends an antique, timeless quality to exterior decoration. Finally, in comparing copper gutters cost per foot, and gutter installation cost, return on investment is not to be overlooked.